Foraging connects us to the abundance of nourishing food around us and brings us into meaningful relationship with our ecosystem.  Humans have foraged for thousands of years and engaging in this process connects us with our ancestry no matter your lineage. Our vision is to get communities re-invigorated about collecting and processing food.

* Studies show that street trees are often more nutrient-dense than store-bought counterparts. 

* Foraging releases dopamine  in the brain, an important survival mechanism that makes harvesting food feel good.  



Are you a Bay Area resident with an abundant fruit tree? While fruit is great, it can often become overwhelming for home-dwellers to deal with. It can attract unwanted wildlife and insects or cause a health risk to pets. We can help by having a team of expert harvesters pick fruit and clean up under your tree.  This is a free service, and we take the fruit home to be shared, processed and redistributed throughout the community.

Email to have your fruit tree cleaned and gleaned. 

Are you interested in learning to identify wild plants and harvest fruit trees? With our foraging walks, learn the practical art of gathering the food that grows all around us. It's the healthiest, freshest meal around. Our classes offer wisdom for the beginner or seasoned forager.  


Local & Wild Foods of Summer

Come learn the local edible flora on this neighborhood exploration. From fruit trees to delicious weeds, we will adventure into how these foods are gathered and enjoyed. You will be amazed at the array of food & medicine growing in the urban jungle. 

- Bring water, comfortable clothes for walking (we will be walking at a leisurely stroll, only a few blocks), notebook/pen, camera

- Cost: $50 per person

- Class lasts approximately 2 hours

- Meeting location is in South Berkeley (10 minute or less walk from Ashby BART).